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The liability limited company "AGV-POLSPO" is founded in 1990 on the premises of Polotsk industrial amalgamation "STEKLOVOLOKNO" with the participation of Italian firm AGV-S.p.A. (as Italian shareholder). Initially the enterprise was called The Bielorussian-Italian Joint Venture AGV POLSPO.

The Byelorussian founder had at its disposal free industrial ar-eas necessary for the manufacturing equipment, qualified personal, source material (fiber-glass) for the production of a head protective devises.

The Italian part has delivered the manufacturing equipment for the production of competitive products, its experience in production of protective devises.

The choice of our city by Italian businessmen was not casual because the firm "STEKLOVOLOKNO" is one of the largest enter-prises in Europe.

"AGV-POLSPO" is the unique producer of motorcycle helmets in the territory of the CIS. It specializes in manufacturing of fiberglass products in combination with vinilpolyester resins (this combination results in a very high resistant material) and products in impact resistant ABS.

In a short time the modern specialized production was created. The production of general and special products has been mas-tered: 1994 workers helmet, miners helmet, 1996 - helmet for Police, 1997 - 1998 fireman helmet, 2000 - bulletproof helmet, 2001 - helmet "Demon", 2002 - helmet -7 and helmet Flyer, 2005 bulletproof jackets, 2006 -police shields and leg/arms protection kits.

The industrial activity of the plant represents a uniform production cycle on production of head protective devises. The motor-cycle helmets of full face type are manufactured on the basis of reinforced fiberglass, the motor-cycle helmets of open type in impact resistant plastic ABS.

The color gamma varies depending on market demand. The majority of helmets have decorative labels and lately the plant has mastered the water labels method, when the water labels are ap-plied on the painted helmets surface and then are varnished.

The helmets of special assignment are produced with similar materials and technique according to the customers request.

All efforts of the plant are concentrated on how to increase the production output and expand the products range. Actually the plant possesses technical and technological potential in addition to ex-perienced and competent personnel to produce head protection devises. All plant products meet the strictest requirements of inter-national standards.

The JV "AGV-POLSPO" Ltd Company has recently put into production such products as protective helmet X82 (JETTA), bullet-proof jacket Kedr with protection class according to the standard GOST P 50744-95, antiriot shield, arms/legs protection kit, shock-resistant glove, special probe.

These products meet all international standards and has not been manufactured on CISs territory before. Nowadays this helmet has been supplied to all Internal Affairs Ministry units of the Repub-lic of Belarus. The helmet has also received a high estimation in Russia.

In order to supply construction firms and individuals with qualita-tive insulation material the plant has mastered the manufacture of thermal insulation boards in expanded polystyrene.

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